First Japan Taiwan Oncology Phase I Trial Conference (JTOPIC)


2nd Japan Taiwan Oncology Phase I Trial Conference (JTOPIC) [Agenda Download]

Brief Introduction of JTOPIC

The Conference is intended to foster the collaboration of phase I studies between Japan and Taiwan. Key opinion leaders from academia, industry, and regulatory body are invited to cover a wide range of topics on oncology phase I trials, including the demand, the impact, and even the controversy.


30-31 Mar (Saturday - Sunday) , 2013


NTUH International Convention Center (

Auditorium 301 & 202, 2 Xuzhou Rd, Taipei 100, Taiwan


Ms. Shen: (02) 2312 3456 ext. 67853 / Ms. Lin: (02) 2312 3456 ext. 63467


This conference is free of charge. You are welcome to join this conference by filling out the Registry Form below.


.Training Certificate人體試驗相關訓練證明

.Credits from Related Society:

    Taiwan Lung Cancer Society 台灣肺癌學會
    The Chinese Oncology Society中華民國癌症醫學會
    Continuing Education Credit醫事人員繼續教育積分
    Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine台灣內科醫學會
    Taiwan Society of Clinical Oncology 台灣臨床腫瘤醫學會
    Taiwan Medical Association中華民國醫師公會全國聯合會
    Taiwan Society of Health System Pharmacists社團法人台灣臨床藥學會
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